MR.SIGA is one of the leaders in
the field of Cleaning Tools
and also is capable of realizing
the global housewives'
dream of doing housework
in an effortless way.


MR.SIGA is one of the leading manufacturer of cleaning tools, also is the dream of every housewives searching for.  We establish in May 1997, our aim is to develop high quality cleaning tools, having advance fully automatic production line, one of the large warehouse with Automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), having 20 years mop manufacturing experience sales over 50 contrys, over 100 million of cleaning tools sold. 


All you needs is to giving us your concept, MR.SIGA development team can help you design a range of products, and put it into production. We have professional management team to help achieve your idea to develop an innovative products. We can make products based on your idea, through research and development, input to our designer brains and our large development data base, our designers will make prototype then, testing and modify it, market assessment, adjustment programs, etc....... and finally an product is born and becomes an qualify products for production.


With the advantage of our strong R & D, manufacturing and  sales network, our products are sold more than 50 countries and regions such as USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Scandinavia, Australia, we can say most of the family in the world are using Shijia Cleaning tools. 


MR.SIGA makes relentless efforts in product innovation and improvement, and we aim at reducing the workload of housewives to free them from heavy housework. Meanwhile,we are honored to provide housewives worldwide with our more efficient and easy-to-use cleaning tools to make the Earth a cleaner place.

Global housewife’s choice